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FYI, your sim card is reusable without limit in time.
If you want to keep your Israeli phone number forever aswell, you can buy it for 25€ (one time payment).
If you do not want it, you will be assigned a new number each time you activate your sim card.
Do you want to keep your israeli number for life (+25 €)?
* Which phone will you use in Israel?
(information needed to send you some instructions)
International calls must be dialed with the international code 00 or + then the country code and the telephone number without the 0.
International calls that will be made by another code such as 012, 013 or 014 and others are not included in your package and are charged 2€/ minute.

Calls to international mobiles phone numbers after 10 hours are charged 1€/ minute.
Text messages to international phone numbers are charged 0.75€/ text.
Calls to destinations in the world not included are charged 2€/ minute

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Du Dimanche au Jeudi de 09h30 à 19h30

Le Vendredi de 09h30 à 14h00

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